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Curbed PriceSpotter Big Reveal: $950k in East Harlem

Thursday, we asked you to come up with a listing price for this East Harlem duplex. Today, we reveal the answer.

Listing: 309 East 108th Street [Corcoran]
Asking: $950,000
With 85 comments and counting, lots of guessing and kvetching on this one. Most guesses ran from about $750,000 to $1.4 million, with commenter #5, "anon," nailing the exact asking and earning this week's gold star. Other important observations of note from the commenting class: a) "What is that double door off the master bedroom alcove for, aerial walking exercises?"; b) "Don't forget, they're building a Target and other shopping goodies in that corner of Manhattan"; c) "I looked in this building around a year ago, it is a former school. The two apartments I saw appeared to have close to identical layouts to this one, although this reno is significantly nicer... I believe these apartments were going in the upper-sevens, low eights. The neighborhood is not as bad as some East Harlem nabes, but unfortunately this particular building is a bit of a haul from the train (and the station is no treat)." And there we have it.
Curbed PriceSpotter: East Harlem Duplex [Curbed]