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Jerry's Shutter Update: Five-Foot Piles of Garbage

Following last week's epochal news that longtime Soho eatery Jerry's will be closing to make way for a Michael Kors store, shopping blog The Shophound receives an email from a realtor on the deal, Michael Hirschfeld of Urban Retail Real Estate Group, explaining why things went down the way they did:

Your bemoaning the potential loss of Jerry’s – and I am sure if his business can support being in Soho he will be able to re-locate in the neighborhood but not on Prince St – is understandable. We all hate to see things we consider part of our past change or disappear. However, the realities are also that no-one wants to live above the odors and vermin that are often associated with a restaurant – and if you walk by Jerry’s or any restaurant about an hour after closing and see the 5 ft high pile of garbage you might appreciate more why landlord’s given the opportunity to replace a restaurant with a dry, fashion use, with better credit, would jump at the opportunity.The "better credit" kicker is really a nice touch. Everyone feel better now?
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