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Live From Inman: Trends, Trends, Trends!

Much of the creme de la creme of the Manhattan real estate scene is gathered this week at Brad Inman's Real Estate Connect conference at the Marriot Marquis, where it's trends all the time. Take the above map, for instance: it's from Trulia, which released it as part of its first "Trulia Trends" reports about search behavior on its listings search site. (A few fun facts: Manhattan is the most popular city on Trulia; average search in the city: $1.4mm, 1.4 beds/1.4 baths, 1199 sqft coop; download the complete PDF for more.) Curbed's Ben Leventhal is stalking the conference hallways this afternoon, and hosting a panel, so do drop in and say hello, and/or throw something.
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