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The Stanhope's Misty Watercolored Memories...

Pardon us for returning once again to the plight of The Stanhope, the Upper East Side conversion that hasn't been particularly good at attracting buyers. A few months back, they vowed to open two model units to attract the Wall Steet set, then we noted their ads popping up in Gmail, of all places. Now, as the new year dawns, a new culprit in the Stanhope's slow sales has been identified. From S. Johanna Robeledo's column in New York this week:

Extell Development’s Gary Barnett says units were sold using "floor plans and watercolor conceptuals ... but they didn’t do it justice.” In particular, the building somehow gained a reputation for low ceilings, even though they're the typical prewar nine-footers."Blaming the watercolors? Genius. In that spirit, get thee to The Stanhope's official site with all due speed, before the "masterwork" seen above disappears forever.
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