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CurbedWire: Chelsea Bicyclists Harder to Hit, High on Newtown Creek, Oro Does TV Ads

CHELSEA?There's significant progress on the separate bike lane on Ninth Ave. that will make it hard to run down bicyclists. A tipster writes, "It looks like that bike lane is mostly up on 9th avenue and 23rd street. It consists of some painted lanes and some semi-permanent looking plastic barriers." [CurbedWire Inbox]

GREENPOINT?Not everyone made it to the grand opening of that Newtown Creek Nature Walk at the big sewage plant. A reader writes that "There's two entrances and the first one I went to was not the right one and I ended down a dead end street much closer to those giant digester eggs than I ever thought I would. The other entrance had a security guard that told me I would need to be escorted to the park. I asked if I could just walk there and she said no. There's a guy in a uniform in a big white van and I'm a little stoned so I decided not to go." Maybe next time. [CurbedWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN?We don't know know how sales at the Oro Condo on Flatbush Avenue are doing, but they're advertising on TV as per an email that says, "Did you catch the Oro Condo in Brooklyn commercial? During Stargate Atlantis on Friday (SCI-FI) the commercial shows a pool at the ORO and then shows a bathtub in Manhattan, with the voice over 'This is a pool in Brooklyn, and this is a pool in Manhattan.' The fact that these guys are advertising on TV is not a good sign for Condos in Brooklyn. Remember when they could sell these things without advertising?" [CurbedWire Inbox]