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N. Tribeca Development Update-o-rama: Greenwich Goodness

[Photo via Will Femia]

The block of Greenwich Street between Hubert and Laights Streets has gone too long without an update, friends, so consider yourself warned: North Tribeca calls. First up: holy crap, 408 Greenwich sure is coming along! The controversial nine-story development was just a steel shell last time we checked in, but when compared to the rendering up top, we appear to be nearing a conclusion. The conflict surrounding this building involves the developer, Samuel Ramirez, Jr., who wants five floors for his family's bond business, two for his family's residences and two to sell. The city had to allow both height and residential zoning variances for that plan to proceed, but it looks like Ramirez got at least some of what he wanted.

[Photo via Will Femia]

Just up from 408 Greenwich is our old friend the Tribeca Summit. Lending problems be damned, this thing is going to move ahead. Slowly. Back in May, the 65-unit was supposedly 70-75% sold. Today, according to the Summit's website, the building is, uh, over 75% sold! Maybe the problems have to do with the initial confusing Ma Yo Mo ad campaign, which is why we're very happy that Elliman switched the marketing to something a lot more direct (right). Now that potential buyers know where Tribeca is, surely the remaining 25% will sell in a flash!
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