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Beloved South Slope Development Has Views

Even a development that a neighborhood has been fighting every step of the way--this one has racked up a none too shabby 92 complaints at the Department of Buildings so far--eventually comes to market. So it is with the out-of-scale tower on 16th Street between Fourth and Fifth Avenues that's now called Vue. So far, the website only has an opening flash screen, but a tipster eased the mystery by hitting us off with a link being sent around to people interested in checking out the open houses.

Here's a sample of the pitch:

VUE transcends any other residence in Park slope offering panoramic views of the city’s most famous landmarks...Rising above Park Slope, VUE achieves the ultimate tranquility of Brooklyn living, with amenities to provide you every convenience. At VUE you will tan in the lush landscaped gardens, workout in the fitness center, and enjoy sunsets on private balconies.Prices look to be in the $400,000-$700,000 range. On the downside, there's been a partial Stop Work Order on the project since July for going beyond approved plans. Neighbors apparently haven't thrown in the towel yet, either, as there are could be legal challenges to the building that might slow things down. As one email put it:Does anyone know how a building can be pre-selling/showing units when they may ultimately not get a C of O due to defective plans? Can anyone say BSA appeal? How about lawsuit?Probably some very nice views from up there, though.
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