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Cool New Thing: 'Rotten Neighbor' Complaint Fest

This has potential to provide endless amounts of joy if it catches on: a website called Rotten Neighbor that bills itself as "the first real estate search engine of its kind that helps you find bad neighbors before you move so you don't regret the purchase of your new house, home, condo or apartment." Type in the zip and find the complaints and rants. Or, add some.

1) Rivington Street: "Loud Ass Family w/ windows open year round. Paper thin walls to the adjoining apartment, so I hear everything, yes, everything. Then there's the drunk B&T tourists on the street. BUT, the truly annoying noise is the building next door - loud ass Chinese family with a screaming baby, a yelling toddler, mom, and dad. Apparently, there is no such thing as an 'inside voice' with these people. And dunno if it is the dad or someone else who constantly is hawking 'loogies' - disgusting..."

2) W. 144th Street: "Harlem Hell. I am forced to endure the Friday til Sunday block party. Music is constantly blasting out of someone's car and then there is a gang of dudes just hanging out. Laughing, arguing, cursing...and I can hear it all from the top floor! So much for 311 noise complaints."

3) E. 63rd Street: "No Parking. Super rich Billionaire on the block has two or more Escalades parked illegally at all times making it impossible to park."

4) Someplace in Queens: "Psycho. Jackie lives here, she is insane. Constant loud music, unprovoked threats, just pure lunacy. Forced me to move and the people after me moved as well. This is in a co-op community and the board will do nothing to rectify the situation. Don't go anywhere near here, SHE IS NUTS and will DRIVE YOU CRAZY!"
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