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LibeskindWatch: Tower Spoken Of in 'Elliptical References'

We may be a little heavy on the New York magazine links this morning, but the gang over there just put out another issue of the occasional real estate supplement Vu., and there's some good stuff. Like, for example, a lengthy profile of architect Daniel Libeskind right when he's back in the spotlight as the potential designer of a big mystery tower next to the One Madison Avenue clocktower. Could NY pry anything out of him? Not really:

Conspicuously absent from the poster-size renderings on the walls, and spoken of only in elliptical references, is Libeskind’s first Manhattan project. If the developer, Elad Properties, can obtain all the necessary permissions—a gigantic if—the tower will rise above the fourteen-story base of the Metropolitan Life Building on Madison Avenue between 23rd and 24th Streets, looming over the landmark Clock Tower. Libeskind and Elad are offering no design details and only the vaguest response when asked if the tower is even in the works. “I grew up in New York, so this is my city, and I love the challenge of working in this marketplace, where every square inch costs money, and still creating something forward-looking and new,” is all that Libeskind will say.Has more ever been written about a building that most likely will never happen? It's getting to the point where a napkin sketch of this thing could set off a riot, and maybe that's the point. Libeskind, you rascal! So much buzz and you have yet to do anything.
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