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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Chelsea's Big Wang, RoRandon Gets Mad

1) Designer Vera Wang may have traded 778 Park Avenue for 740 Park Avenue, but the Queen of the Upper East Side is leaving a piece of herself in Chelsea. She's designed a plaster sculpture that will be hung in the lobby of the Onyx, and it's, uh, awesome! And from the Department of Hard to Believe Sales Figures, 50 of the 52 units have gone to contract. [Big Deal/Josh Barbanel]

2) The brokers for One Madison Park are putting aside those potential view problems and getting back down to the business at hand: selling apartments to celebrities. The latest couple to sign: Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, for a $3.5 million three-bedroom unit. They join another couple living in sin, Liev and Naomi. [Gimme Shelter/Braden Keil]

3) Walter Cronkite, that cunning old bastard, just sold a townhouse at 160 East 95th Street for $4.27 million, and he bought the 3,456-square-foot home in 2000 for $1.725 million. Once the voice of God tells you what the price is, you damn well better pay it without any sort of negotiation. [The Real Deal]

4) Citigroup exec Vikram Pandit just put down $17.9 million for a full-floor apartment in the Central Park West old-money mausoleum the Beresford. You would think that'd be enough to snag you a penthouse but nope, it's just Tony Randall's old pad. [Daily Intel]

5) Ex-Seventeen editor and current girl power entreprenuer Atoosa Rubenstein got a good deal on a huge 3,000sf three-bedroom apartment in Extell's Altair 18 in the Flatiron, and nope, that's not a Jewish joke. [Manhattan Transfers/Max Abelson]