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DeNiro's Greenwich Hotel to Squeak When Walked Upon

As late, the buzz has been a little too quiet at Robert DeNiro's long-awaited Greenwich Hotel at 377 Greenwich Street in Tribeca. About a month back, HotelChatter had the word that the opening has been delayed again until early 2008, but when we dropped by this week, from the outside at least, this place is looking good. And then we see that a project insider, posting on Wired New York, just let slip some serious details:

The interior has really been coming together lately. The lobby must be seen. There is a vaulted interior glass "skylight" that provides light via hundreds of low voltage bulbs laid into it. The woodworking and finish carpentry is nicely detailed not only in public areas but also in the rooms. There are twin double-floored suites at each corner of the building (where the window walls are in the photos) and a penthouse on the top level that has an outdoor hot tub with surrounding decked areas in mahoghany. There's a pool on the basement level, too. A beautiful interior courtyard spills out from the bar and study. The wood floors were designed to squeak when walked upon in order to add to the aged look of the overall structure. I would love to stay there someday but I doubt I'll be able to afford the penthouse--word was at one time that Bobby was thinking of taking that for himself.Whoa. Add to that the fact that the Wired New York hive mind considers this building to show off some of the best workmanship in recent NYC history, and we're looking at quite an opening. And oh, we'll let our friends at Eater fill you in on the design insanity of the restaurant, Ago, that's moving in on the lobby level.

Above, courtesy the same WNY poster, the view from the double-floor suite fronting Greenwich Street. THOR, eat your heart out.
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