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Preservationists Shun Unloved Hotel Pennsylvania

You know the drill: Developer threatens to tear down historically-significant building. Preservationists get in a tizzy and mount a campaign to save it. Success or failure follows. That awkward silence you hear? The absence of Birkenstocks rushing to the aid of the McKim, Mead & White–designed Hotel Pennsylvania on Seventh Avenue, which Vornado wants to tear down to build an office tower roughly the height of the Empire State Building. The Observer's Chris Shott has an update on the "fight" to save the hotel, which is basically one dude campaigning to landmark the sucker. The usual suspects are all more concerned about the nearby Farley Post Office to bother caring about this neglected home for transients. Last time we checked in at the Hotel Pennsylvania, we had some fun with the TripAdvisor user photos of it. Today, we go back to the well. Looking, uh, good!
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