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Ansonia Has 'Biblical-Type Explosion of Roaches'

File this one under really, really gross: the Ansonia, according to a lawsuit, has a roach problem. And, not just any old roach problem, but a world-class, "biblical-type explosion of roaches" issue. The epicenter is the 14th floor, which where Angelina Jolie has owned since 1997 and where Brangelina and children were said to be living until they went to the Waldorf. In any case, details about the bug problem are in a lawsuit filed yesterday and they include an outside hallway "constantly covered with cockroaches," roaches crawling on people when they sleep, roaches in coffee makers, etc. So many roaches that the people suing say their apartment is "completely unfit to live in." Which by New York standards would have to be a boatload of roaches.
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