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Not the Type of Publicity Miraval Living Was Hoping For

Few things can abruptly derail a hot condo building's marketing drive, but a major newspaper reporting that a cross-dressing murderer might be moving in could be one of them. The Post reports today that real estate scion Robert Durst, who dismembered his neighbor and got probation for it, was spotted checking out a $3 million, three-bedroom apartment in the high-end spa/condo hybrid Miraval Living on East 72nd Street. Now, he's been checking out other places too (condos, because co-op boards will not be kind), but Miraval Living is the only one that gets named. The conversion of the old River Terrace rental building had been hitting on all cylinders lately, after dumping its marketers, trotting out a new ad campaign and making a buzzy sale to beloved ex-Giant Tiki Barber. But the mental image of settling in for a massage next to Robert Durst may unsettle a few potential buyers.
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