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The Ludlow Will Require Just a Small Blood Sample

"Renting at The Ludlow looks to be about as simple as buying a co-op," emails a special Curbed operative who sends along the above "Procedure for Renting" document recently obtained at the new megastructure on the corner of East Houston and Ludlow Streets. Asterisks helpfully added by the rental representative, natch. Okay, so we knew this place was going to be serious.

Seen above, two different 2BR configurations: the $5,630/month unit 4A, and the (as previously reported) $5,580/month unit 8A. (Not seen: a 1BR floorplan, very generic layout, renting for $3,900/month.) Per our source, move-ins are expected to begin as early as next month on some units (all below the 11th floor), while work continues on the higher units, some of which won't be occupied until this time next year. One thing that's undeniable: the views of the surrounding neighborhood are absolutely killer, even if Katz's roof is revealed to be even uglier than one might have suspected.
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