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Burg Getting a New Hole, Another Big Finger to Follow?

Quadriad Development, which is the company that has floated a proposal to build 28 high rises in parts of Williamsburg that were downzoned a few years ago, is going to start digging its first hole. The hole in question is for a five-story project at Berry and N. 3rd Street. There are longer odds, though, on the developer's plan for a 22-story building at Bedford Avenue and N. 3rd. It's part of Quadriad's "New Strategy" proposal for a citywide formula that would trade 30 percent affordable housing for 165 percent density bonuses. In the case of the Burg, it would result in that 22-story building on Bedford. The New Strategy plan was given to the local community board during the summer for a thumbs up, but was yanked after it was met with some fingers that were not thumbs. So, maybe the new version is the New New Strategy.
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