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Nabe Names: Not Quite Tribeca, Not Quite FiDi

We get a lot of emails from readers suggesting new neighborhood nicknames. So many, in fact, that we once held a contest to celebrate those submissions. People come up with new identities for the smallest and most insignificant of microhoods, and usually?brutal honesty alert?they sound a little forced. This email about the Tribeca/FiDi gray area, however, got us thinking:

how would I use your blog to get some suggestions on branding an area of downtown Manhattan? we are looking to brand from Chambers street on the north end to the WTC or Vesey street on the south end, between the civic center city hall on the east, to the Hudson river on the west. that's Tribeca, the Financial distract , Battery Park North and the City Hall Civic center. It seems that the people from Tribeca think that it stops or starts at Reade street and the Financial District people say that area starts at the WTC, Battery Park thinks that the north section is their bastard child and no one wants City Hall at allThis is an area we've looked at before, and it certainly is assuming its own identity. The Riverhouse is technically the upper reaches of Battery Park City, but it's luxury identity doesn't quite fit in with the BPC vibe. The additions of a Whole Foods and big box retail at 101 Warren and a hotel at 87 Chambers Street mean that this 'hood is ripe for its own label?and Larry Silverstein's Tribeca South ain't cutting it. We haven't had a good nabe name debate in a while, so let's have your suggestions in the comments. We'll take the top suggestions and set up a poll to decide this once and for all. May the best clever abbreviation win!
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