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Gentrification Comes to Part of Bowery No One Cares About

The changing face of the Bowery has been a hot topic lately, but the area south of Delancey has remained mostly untouched. Until now. A tipster sends in the above jarring camera phone shot, along with this note:

Long gone are the days of the slums and whore houses in chinatown, but a few whores do pop up at ping pong clubs. Here comes another condo, but this time in new territory. It seems on the south-east corner of bowery and hester st. Nothing much has been happening with the former movie house, but today things changed. Morali Architect has stepped up to create chinatowns answer to the blue building with some flash of yellow. It appears maybe to be 15 stories give or take. Right behind it on Chrystie the new comfort inn is getting ready to be finished in about a year.Morali, architect of Soho's little Lipstick and the gutted Tribeca Summit among others, is no stranger around these parts. But this one almost looks more Gansevoort Park than BLUE, wouldn't you say? Either way, RIP Bowery, etc., etc.
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