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Take That, DeNiro! Another Tribeca Hotel Coming

[Photos courtesy of PropertyShark]

The southern tip of Tribeca nearish the World Trade Center is bursting with activity, and we'll have a lot more to say about that later today. For now, here's a taste: The Sun reports that Israel's largest real estate company just snapped up the landmarked five-story building at 87 Chambers Street for $23 million, and the plan is to convert the 1850 building into a 100-room boutique hotel. There's no mention of an addition, but it's hard to imagine 100 hotel rooms in the building as it stands now. Maybe it's because we're distracted by Property Shark's intense interior shot of 87 Chambers, which shows that the building is in some, uh, disrepair. We see your squeaky floors, Mr. DeNiro, and we raise you some tetanus!
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