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Miraval Living to Durst: Not in Our Backyard Zen Garden

Well that was fast. The Miraval Living folks knew they had a PR nightmare on their hands when the Post reported that killer crossdresser Robert Durst was considering buying in the building, so they lawyered up and figured out how to block him. Today, a Miraval attorney tells the paper that, "The sponsor has reserved to itself the right to not sell an apartment to anyone that the sponsor believes would have an adverse impact on the unit owners at Miraval Living." We're guessing that dismemberment qualifies as an "adverse impact." New Miraval broker Dolly Lenz, the pro of all pros, knows how to spin the situation: "While I understand the desire of many to inquire about our unique property, Mr. Durst's residing here would be completely inconsistent with the environment we're creating." An environment, again, with little to no murder.
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