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LibeskindWatch: Views Safe, Developers Snippy

Now and forever, the trotting out of the One Madison Park/One Madison Avenue explainer graphic should be an indicator of fun times ahead. Indeed, the Post's Katherine Dykstra looks at Madison Square Park development today, and there's a bit on the whole blocked views/confusing names thing. Elad Properties is sticking to the "earliest concept phase" shpiel for the Libeskind tower, but everyone agrees that it will be on the Park Avenue side of the clocktower, and therefore will not block One Madison Park's future views. As for the names, an Elad exec claims never to have heard of One Madison Park(!), and a One Madison Park developer said, "The name fits because we look right up Madison Avenue. And everyone always refers to [One Madison] as the clock-tower building." Meow!
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One Madison Park

One Madison Park, New York, NY 10010