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Curban Planning 001 Runner-Up: Green Fields of the Mind

Last summer, as the MTA again solicited bids from developers for Hudson Yards, we took issue with the land-use proposal for the site. Once clearer heads prevailed, we invited Curbed readers to do the developers one better by submitting their own schemes for Hudson Yards 2.0. Thus, the first Curban Planning competition was born. Today, now that the bids are in, we hereby present the Curban Planning winners. Up now: the first runner-up, on whom we bestow the award of $200.

Proposal Name: Hudson Yards Urban Park
Author: Darwin Poblet
Proposal Notes: "re-imagining the hudson yards site through its urban context. this proposal looks at how the hudson yards site can be an opportunity to re-imagine the role of a city park within our urban context. in new york there is central park—an emerald within the grid. rockefeller center is a terraced park in the sky. we will then have the high-line, a simultaneous city and park ambulatory experience. is there a way to build that marries both and where the park is less of an afterthought infill?"

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Judges' Remarks: "Classic, classic urban planning. Beautifully done. Superb graphics. Excellent concept. Oozing planning principles. And, in the best planning tradition, when you're done reading it, you scratch your head and wonder what it means"... "No, seriously, WTF?"... "I get the whole trainyard inspiration in the bird's eye view, but in the manga, ground-level shots, it looks like Fritz Lang's Metropolis, and not in a good way"... "Metropolis mixed with horny Japanese teenagers"... "One way or another, you know that whoever does win this project for real is going to claim their project is the greenest creation on God's green earth. Well, top this"... "Props for the phrase 'urban lung'"... "I just reread this thing for the sixth time. Still have no idea at all what's going on here. Genius."

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