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Curban Planning 001 Honorable Mention #2: Stadium 2.0!

Last summer, as the MTA again solicited bids from developers for Hudson Yards, we took issue with the land-use proposal for the site. Once clearer heads prevailed, we invited Curbed readers to do the developers one better by submitting their own schemes for Hudson Yards 2.0. Thus, the first Curban Planning competition was born. Today, now that the bids are in, we hereby present the Curban Planning winners. Up now: the second honorable mention, which wins the sum of $150.

Proposal Name: West Side Stadium 2.0
Author: Jesse Freeman
Proposal Notes: "It is still not to late to bring back the West Side Stadium 2.0. Seeing as every other major team in New York is getting a new stadium, why don't we try again? This time Bloomberg could really push the stadium by lumping it together with his congestion pricing. To get those extra votes he could allow Jets ticket holders to file for a year round refund. Plus who really thinks that China is going to survive long enough to host the Olympics?"

Proposal Notes, continued: "We could always have the majority of the stadium built overseas for cheaper, import it in, and steal the Olympics away from China for poisoning our animal food and toothpaste. As long as we slap beta on it, people will understand that it is still a work in progress and can be replace by 'luxury' condos at any moment."

Judges' Remarks: "Shows an inspired amount of laziness, which is key in large-scale urban planning undertakings"... "Now that we're this far along, with all the other proposals (people movers, Morgan Stanley, etc.), a stadium doesn't seem so bad in hindsight"... "Exemplary use of graphics to revive a design"... "If the stadium means the High Line's upper third is gone, I can't fully support it"... "Really more of an alpha, no?"... "Seriously, a stadium would have been the most interesting use of this massive site, so much more vital than what's sure to be a bland housing development"... "Hey, where's the pedestrian bridge to Jersey?"... "J-E-T-S!!!!!"

Up Next: The first runner-up!
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