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Curban Planning 001 Honorable Mention #1: Roller Coaster!

Last summer, as the MTA again solicited bids from developers for Hudson Yards, we took issue with the land-use proposal for the site. Once clearer heads prevailed, we invited Curbed readers to do the developers one better by submitting their own schemes for Hudson Yards 2.0. Thus, the first Curban Planning competition was born. Today, now that the bids are in, we hereby present the Curban Planning winners. Up first: two honorable mentions, each of which shall be awarded the princely sum of $150.

Proposal Name: Hudson Yards Rollercoaster
Author: Christopher Kupski
Proposal Notes: "While the city decides what will be the fate of the Hudson yards, the site has potential for the installation of a temporary structure that could be dismantled and used elsewhere. What better site than that of the rail yards, where an array of twisted track becomes exposed along the river, to pull and warp the track by building a roller coaster?"

Proposal Notes, continued: "This unprecedented move in mid-Manhattan would create a spectacle at the edge of the Hudson, rising above the great expanse of the yards and opening up views of the city for those who ride. The termination of the High Line at the yards provides a unique opportunity to cap the old elevated rail line with an amorphous extension into the yards. As an anomaly in the city and with its proximity to both the High Line park and the Javits Convention Center, it would become a destination rather than a void, and has the potential for great revenue on an unused site. As a folly in the urban landscape, the coaster would have potential as both a landmark and as a commentary on the indecisiveness of developing the site. The roller coaster could possibly be incorporated into whatever new development plans may occur, or be taken apart, sold and reassembled on other sites."

Judges' Remarks: "Almost plausible!"... "I like that it loops around 11th avenue, thereby jeopardizing the lives of more than just the riders"... "A little too Coney Island for the West Side. Might work for Thor, though"... "Tossing it on the yards, without changing anything, is at least cost-efficient"... "Friends of the High Line would probably go for this, no?"

Up Next: Honorable Mention #2!

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