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Ask Curbed: Are Wealthy Neighbors Boring?

This Ask Curbed query gets into some bigger sociological issues we don't usually tackle in this forum, but hey, a neighbor question is a neighbor question, right?

I have an apartment in a new, relatively small condo building in lower Manhattan. Although many of the residents are creative, artist types, the atmosphere in the building is one of dullness and boredom. I might as well be living in the suburbs! So the question is: Does wealth and sophistication often breed dullness and distance from other people? Or is this some kind of "neighbor fear" or shyness? All I know is that neighbors hesitate to say hello to one another, and instead scurry quickly into their units. What is your experience?Our experience is, uh, not one of wealthy neighbors. And as for our advice, it's the same answer we give when anyone asks us any question, whether it fits into the context or not: move to Dormandie Court. But maybe you have something better to add, so go for it.
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