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St. Vincent's Village Plan Is 'Cylindrical,' Yet Boxy

This image of the big St. Vincent's plan in for the West Village slipped under the radar last week. It comes courtesy of City Realty, which snapped a photo of one of the renderings showing the general outlines of what St. Vincent's has in mind. The model shows the "cylindrical concept" for the 300-plus foot hospital tower on the left. The brownish mass on the right is the residential building and townhouse part of the development. Of the tower, City Realty writes that it "resembles in its elliptical lenticular shape with 'cutting edges' the famous 'Boat Building' designed by Max Abramovitz in 1963 for the Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company in Hartford, Conn." The tower is supposed to be clad in masonry rather than glass like the Hartford building. "A similar palette" is likely to be used in the residential buildings.
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