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Curbed Casting Couch: Are You 'The Buyers?'

Do mortgage meltdowns mean nothing to you? Is credit crunch something you eat for breakfast? Then read on. Curbed is looking for an individual or couple to be featured in The Buyers, a series that will be somewhat similiar to previous features like The Renters and The Fizzbows. We want to hear from people who are either in the early stages of a housing hunt, or are about to kick one off in the near future.

The Buyers should be folks who have the time to provide frequent updates, and aren't shy about revealing personal information?including their budget, open houses they've attended, etc. Anonymity can be granted to protect the identities of The Buyers. As for qualifications, there aren't many. You have to be seriously looking to buy in the next several months, and you must be targeting the greater metropolitan area. If you'd like to be considered, drop us a line at (subject: The Buyers) and tell us a little bit about yourself, what stage you're at in your hunt and what type of apartments/location you're considering. Come, let us join you on your magical journey.
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