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Towering Avalon Brooklyn Revealed

A Sunday real estate supplement in the Post (that doesn't appear to be online) had a cover story on Downtown Brooklyn development, and there was an update on megadeveloper AvalonBay's 42-story, 650-unit rental tower slated for the chunk of land between Flatbush Avenue, Myrtle Avenue, Gold and Prince Streets. The project was announced in April, but the story provided the first glimpse we've seen of the building rendering, which is actually very stunning. Stunning in its monolithic ugliness, we should say. The Avalon Brooklyn, which looks to be teetering somewhere between a 'roided up Avalon Chrystie Place and a Cold War-era housing project, is scheduled to be completed in 2009. At least the LES got a Whole Foods out of AvalonBay. Downtown Brooklyn doesn't appear to be as lucky.
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