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Manhattan to Bronx: Take Our Garbage, Keep Your Mail

There are two things Manhattan enjoys receiving from the Bronx: Yankees tickets and rap music. Mail and garbage, um, not so much. The City section of the Times reported yesterday that mail sent to the Bronx may be processed in Chelsea from now on, a controversial plan that would eliminate 78 jobs. Critics argue that the Bronx's mail service would essentially go to shit, and Manhattan's streets would be clogged with more delivery trucks. Our take on the controversy: people still send mail? Oh, that wacky Bronx! And speaking of going to shit, Intelligencer attended a community meeting on the Upper East Side held in response to the mayor's plan to open a trash transfer station on East 91st Street, aimed at relieving the South Bronx of some garbage processing congestion. The coverage is just a compilation of quotes from pissed-off Yorkville residents, and it's glorious. Highlight: "All the girls at Chapin use the field." [Begins sobbing.] "The toxic fumes make this a crime. As a mother, I beg you to reject this." Gossip Girl could not be reached for comment.
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