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Silverstein & Stern Pinky Promise Over 99 Church Street

A Curbed reader recently pointed out that it looks like demolition work is about to begin at the old Moody's building at 99 Church Street near the World Trade Center site, but we've still never received comfirmation on our report that developer Larry Silverstein is bringing starchitect Robert A.M. Stern downtown to design it. Until now! The Sun reports today that Stern & Co. are officially on board for the 60-story hotel/luxury condo. Unfortunately, this means that architect Costas Kondylis' world-exploding rendering for 99 Church (left) is officially dead, and for this, we are very sad. On a positive note, however, it also means that our new neighborhood has another big-time new building on the horizon. So what will Stern, the mastermind of 15 CPW, dream up for the high-rollers that will call this place home? We don't know yet (feel free to shoot us some renderings, Bobby!), but we do know that demolition work on the original 11-story building at 99 Church Street will begin in November, so he'd better get his ass in gear.
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99 Church St

99 Church Street, Manhattan, NY 10007