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A Huge Casino in Queens?

Ultimately, this will probably be consigned to the scrap heap of weird urban development ideas that overreached, but the Shinnecock Indians are proposing a $1.4 billion casino in Queens. The huge development would go on the site of Aqueduct Racetrack way, way out in eastern Queens, according to the Daily News. It would include a big casino and 1,200 hotel rooms, 10,500 slot machines and what would have some sort of huge fountain. Best of all, one would be able to reach it via the A Train instead of taking a grungy bus from Chinatown. There's a chance it could be a fake out to get some movement on the casino the Shinnecocks might want in Southampton as well as 2,800 acres of land there, but the future of the Aqueduct site is in play.
· Queens casino is a long-odds dice roll [NYDN]