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Anti Anti-Gentrification Rant of the Day in WaHi

This may top the Ear Inn's earlier message on the topic. Blogger The Gay Recluse has taken some previous shots at those in Washington Heights who are fearful of gentrification, but TGR absolutely goes off on anyone who would dare speak out about the OC Bakery and Cafe. Slipping on the sarcasm hat, TGR rants:

Have you not been outraged as you approach the corner of Edgecombe Avenue and 159th Street by the sight of a rainbow-colored umbrella and outdoor tables, where you can drink a cup of coffee and enjoy a freshly baked raspberry scone while contemplating the curving line of linden trees that gently give way to the southern tiers of Highbridge Park? Have you not scoffed with disdain at the lesbian couple and their baby carriage also parked out front, chatting aggressively with a bearish man walking his poodle?There's more, of course, but we get the point: Washington Heights, don't try to fight it, baby! Enjoy the scones!
· On The OC Bakery and Cafe [The Gay Recluse]