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Ask Curbed: My Condo's Pool is Too Noisy

Amenity overdrive has its pluses and minuses, of course. All those new condo buildings with features out the wazoo are bound to cause some headaches for residents, or in this case, keep them up at night:

I recently purchased a condo downtown. The building is a newly built high rise with lots of amenities, including a pool a few stories above me. When I first visited the unit, the pool was not yet completed. Now that it is, the pump (which is below the pool) is making a good amount of noise in my unit. The super, who is very helpful, is looking into the matter.

However, there has been some suggestion that by living in a NYC apartment you accept some level of noise. While this may be true, a loud pool pump is not acceptable. If the building does not address this, what can I do? I can not move.In our research we found this piece of helpful advice: "Try cleaning the impeller first. Mine used to sound like that...I cleaned it and the noise went away." But if you don't want to get your hands dirty, maybe Curbed Nation can lend a hand, or perhaps just some guesses at the culprit building. Either way.
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