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The Sharpest New Building in the West Village

The triangular One Seventh has been mostly flying under the radar, despite its big price tags, prime location (where Seventh Avenue South meets Carmine Street) and high-powered PR representation. It's a tiny job at just five floors and four condos, but it's big on ideas. Today, Sun archicritic James Gardner weighs in on the Rogers Marvel creation, which was forced to go three-sided because of the triangular footprint of the lot. Jim likey!

The resulting structure is nevertheless a respectable addition to the neighborhood. It manages the visual pun of looking both stylistically up to date, with its neo-modernist vocabulary, and also in harmony with the size, shape, and patterning of its neighbors, including houses from the 19th century.So what does one of these full-floor apartments look like on the inside? A floorplan for this $1.995 million two-bedroom unit after the jump.

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