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Battery Park City Sequel: So Crazy it Might Work

There's no more space on this crazy island, which is why everything is so gosh darn expensive. If only we could build more land! Well, that's precisely what Charles Urstadt, the first chairman of the Battery Park City Authority, wants to do. BPC has become a successful mesh of park land and real estate development, so his proposal is to fill in another chunk of the Hudson and create a new 40-50 acre parcel of land on the north end of the original fill. This Times story makes it seem like everyone in power thinks Urstadt is a lunatic, but he has somehow managed to at least get the Hudson River Park Trust waterfront committee of Community Board 1 to schedule a public discussion on the proposal next Monday. Environmentalists, among other groups, will most likely derail the idea. Even so, there's no doubt that this issue will be monitored very closely by developers such as the Sheldrake Organization, who would no doubt love to build 10 more Riverhouses on any new hunk of land, no matter how many little fishies are killed in the process.
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