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Stolen Bike in Burg, but Scooter Mystery Solved

There is good news and bad news on the stolen bike and scooter front in North Brooklyn. First, the bad news: This is a stolen bicycle parked at Bedford and N. 7th. The Curbed Photo Pool contributor who shot the photo writes:

Apparently crime pays in Williamsburg. A sign taped to a bike in the bicycle parking lot on the corner of Bedford and 7th on Saturday read: “This bike was stolen from me 2-3 wks ago. I would like to buy it back. Please contact me!!!”Of course, "steal it back" is written on the sign. As for good news, on Friday afternoon we posted a photo from contributor Will Femia of a stolen scooter that had been sitting on the street in The owner, who is connected by a few degrees of separation to an opponent of the Atlantic Yards development, saw the scooter and reclaimed it. First, there was this reader comment:

You just solved the mystery of my friend's stolen moped. I forwarded this link to her and she promptly called me to tell me I'd found her moped.And, then a comment from the owner, clarifying some details about the scooter:Just to's a 2001 yamaha vino, which is a japanese ripoff of the italian style scooters. I bought it on ebay a couple years ago, and am glad to have it back. as for being yuppy, that's debatable...both my wife and myself are social workers--which probably explains why I have a ripoff model and not the real thing. Scooters are relatively cheap, get great gas mileage (i put $5 in my tank every couple of months), and pay next to nothing in insurance.All in a day's work.
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