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Williamsburg Waterfront 1BR for $424 a Month!

The good news: these are really, really affordable apartments in a top-shelf (formerly) hipster and soon-to-be gentrified Williamsburg location, right at the base of Northside Piers. The bad news: there's a lottery for just 101 apartments and you can't make more than $20,000 to qualify for one of the six available 1BRs that rent for $424. The development is Palmer's Dock, and all the info and rents and income guidelines can be found here (warning PDF). Half the apartments are set aside for existing Williamsburg and Greenpoint residents, leaving 50 apartments that are still up for grabs to everyone in the city! As one reader wrote: "I am trying to find 5 unemployed cousins so I can get one of the 3 bedrooms for $920 a month." Applications are due by December 4 and good luck with the lottery!
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