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The Catch: Bed-Stuy Bargain Comes With a Price

What/Where?: A two-family brownstone in Bed-Stuy.
Looks Good, Right?: It looks great when you get a load of the price: $450! Wow! And it's listed on Craigslist under "real estate for sale," too. So it's not a rental? Imagine the flip potential on this property!
The Catch: Um...well. Hmm, how to put this. There's a lot we'd put up with for a $450 brownstone, even in Bed-Stuy, but some things just cross the line. Check out the listing to see what we mean. As our tipster remarked, "the scariest way of thinking about this is as pure freudian slip."
· Listing: $450 Beautiful brownstone!! [CL]

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UPDATE: Just in case it gets pulled, a screengrab after the jump.