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BREAKING CurbedWire: Construction Accident at B of A Tower

There's been some sort of construction accident at the Bank of America tower construction site on Sixth Avenue. One emailer writes: "The block of 6th Avenue btwn 42nd & 43rd is closed. Doesn't look like anyone was hurt, thank God. Looked like they dropped a load of steel; the glass raining down looked like snow." Another emails, "Glass just fell ~50 stories at 43rd st and 6th ave from the under-construction Bank of America Building (One Bryant Park). Intersection is blocked off, glass EVERYWHERE, fire trucks and police galore." Developing.

UPDATE: Another person on the scene writes, "Looks like everyone is ok. there is 1 window completely out on the 35th floor (estimated) and another one w/ damage to it. looks like it dropped wood for the most part. glass did shatter and continues to fall bit by bit on 43rd and 6th ave."

UPDATE, 1:27PM: Another on-scene witness adds some detail, "I work in the grace building facing the bofa construction site and saw it happen. One of those large metal demolition garbage bins snapped loose as it was being lifted up. On the way down it hit the building a couple of times shattering glass and sending glass and debris down onto 6th avenue. It also hit the crane support, but does not look like anyone was seriously hurt."

UPDATE, 2:15PM: 1010 Wins reports six minor injuries and confirms that a dumpster on a crane hit the building. It ended up on a landing 20 feet above street level, "spraying shards of glass that ended up on 6th Avenue between 42nd and 44th streets."