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What's Better: Greenpoint Breakup or Sound of Hacking Metal?

We turn to Greenpoint for a situation that raises the fascinating question of whether one might prefer a loud neighbor going on and on and on about breaking up with her boyfriend or late night construction workers hacking sheet metal. We'll opt for describing the work at 143 Huron, which has an interesting real estate angle:

Despite being ordered by the Department of Buildings not to work after hours they were quite the busy (and noisy) beavers tonight...143 Huron was issued a stop work order violation for “after hours work only”. My phone call to 311 was placed at 7:25 p.m. This is “after hours”. The operator asked me if they were still working and I assured her they were. See where I’m going here?Both the neighbor and the metal hacking eventually stopped of their own volition.
· Busy Night at 143 Huron Street [New York Shitty]