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CurbedWire: NYPL Honors Ghostface Killah, Cabana No No?, I Own East Village

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MIDTOWN?That dastardly New York Public Library is up to something again! The Spacefinder sends in the above picture and adds, "Is the NYPL going CHRISTO, or Ghostface Killahs for Halloween?" Those faces do look a little spooky, as does that guy repelling down the face of the building. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOWER EAST SIDE?In response to the $50,000 cabanas on top of 154 Attorney Street, someone who knows things writes: "Thought you might be interested to know that zoning requires open space on the roof level of new apartment buildings as per the section of the resolution I'm including below It's interseting that it specifically states that '[n]o fees shall be charged to the occupants or their guests.' I haven't seen plans of the any of the roofs in question and can't comment on whether or not the building's required open space--less the private "cabanas"--conforms to the zoning resolution. However, I'd bet it's non-conforming and that these money-grubbing developers are in violation the law!" That resolution is recreated after the jump, for those who care. [CurbedWire Inbox]

THE INTERNET?Responding to the Mosaic Man's sale of and the history of, Bobby W. writes: "I was the buyer of and not 'a real estate company'. Jim Power got confused with the information. What actually occurred was, the lawyer's office that we met at is also a accounting office AND a real estate office. He somehow correlated this all with the buyer being the office that we were in. I don't know how he put that all together but I just wanted the story to be correct. In any event, if you like to talk to me directly to check the facts, I'd be more than willing to talk to and or meet you. By the way, I noticed that in your neighborhood domain article you made no mention of I own that as well and after five hard months of work just took it live on September 25th. Lots more work to be done there and I have not even started on yet. So much work, so little time. [CurbedWire Inbox]