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On the Racked: Croc Bites UWS & Soho, Times Square Gets Nike & StarFork, Does Forest Hills Prefer a Hole?

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And now, the latest from Racked, covering retail and shopping from the sidewalks up.

1) Upper West Side & Soho: Get ready for the Crocs. The shoe company is opening not one, but two stores soon. The first is on the Upper West Side at 270 Columbus Ave between 72nd and 73rd Streets and the other at 143 Spring Street at Wooster Street. The UWS store opens next month and Soho opens in December.

2) Times Square: Racked passes along word that Nike "is interested in the former HoJo's space in Times Square" and that it's a pretty solid possibility.

3) Times Square: Also at the world's crossroads, the StarFork and/or NorthBucks, which is the Starbucks/North Fork hybrid announced a month ago has opened its doors at 220 East 42nd Street. Racked's tipster asked the questoin on everyone's mind: "What happens when you run out of street corners to put either a bank or a starbucks? You put them together of course!" Does this mean one gets to wait on two lines now instead of one?

4) Forest Hills: Out in this part of Queens, the question apparently is, would residents prefer a Starbucks or a hole in the ground?