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Hotelier Assumes Noho Will Bend to His Will

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We present the photo at right of the Cooper Square Hotel?which is actually more glassed-up now than in this slightly dated picture?because Bond Street hotel developer Benjamin Soleimani is about to enter a Cooper Square level of pain. Recall if you will, the CSH's epic liquor license struggles. Then refresh your memory on Superior, the new Public/AvroKO restaurant planned for 26-28 Bond Street, also denied a liquor license. Soleimani's plan for his building, called the Bond Noho Hotel, per the Sun:

He plans to pack it with a restaurant, a spa, a lounge, and a swimming pool on the roof with its own bar. On top of the 86 hotel rooms — which will go for between $450 and $1,500 a night — he is including a 5,000-square-foot area to rent out for parties.Soleimani, a textbook masochist, added: "The hotel will be very cool, like the Gansevoort Hotel in the meatpacking district." Speaking of cool hotels, a Pomeranc weighs-in on the hotels destroying neighborhoods issue, saying the upcoming Thompson LES "will predominantly cater to people staying in the hotel, it will keep a serene atmosphere in the neighborhood." The next sentence? "The project, with which Mr. Pomeranc is aiming to draw 'Hollywood types, celebrities, and VIPs,' will also have 142 guest rooms and a swimming pool." There's nothing more serene than the shutter sounds of a thousand paparazzi.
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