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Le Jolie and Le BQE: Perfect Together

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We have to give it to the people opening sister hotels Le Bleu in Gowanus and Le Jollie in Williamsburg/Greenpoint: they're not afraid to get out ahead of the market. Le Bleu is next to a taxi depot on Fourth Avenue whereas Le Jolie--which will be the first hotel in the part of North Brooklyn--is so close to the BQE that one will be able to have conversations with drivers stuck in traffic. The opening date for Le Jolie hasn't been set, according to the staff, although it could be within a few weeks. (The website is also still being put together, but it will be up soon.) The very delayed Le Bleu, meanwhile, could open as soon as next week, according to the hotel staff. Or it could be a few weeks. Or, you know, whenever.
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