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Boerum Hill Gentrification Still Hitting Bumps

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From Boerum Hill comes a tale of urban woe involving the deconstruction of cars. It's from an email circulating via a neighborhood mailing list and involves Dean Street near Bond:

On Monday morning at 9:30, I went out to move my brand new car (a Honda Fit - I've had it all of two weeks), only to find it missing a wheel - not just a tire, the entire wheel. Another wheel had been loosened, and the lug nuts on all four wheels were missing. As it turned out, some neighbors across the street had seen the wheel thieves (3 of them) about 11:30pm Sunday night, yelled, and scared them add insult to injury, I got a ticket for not moving the car.We suppose the bright side is that, at least, no one took a crap on the stoop.
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