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Jasper: The Building Murray Hill Has Been Waiting For

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Our friends at StreetEasy alerted us to the fact that the first wave of listings at Jasper?the Murray Hill office-building-turned-luxury-condo brought to you by developer PHH Realty, architect Ismael Leyva and CORE Marketing Group?have hit the market. We needed a refresher because as far as new one-name condo buildings go, it's Yves or bust with us, so we hit up Jasper's website. Um, holy shit? Awful music aside, just check out the pool lounge, complete with open flames and, uh, "flotation devices." Did they lift this rendering directly from The Devil's Advocate? William Beaver, you have been topped! Amazingly, this Murray Hill building has a "children's room," as if any mother in her right mind would let her child anywhere near this party pad. On the other hand, at least the kid would learn a thing or two about fire safety and sex ed.
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