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What Walentas Hath Wrought: $50k Cabanas on the LES

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Cabana fever started in Dumbo, swept through Williamsburg and Grand Army Plaza, made its way over the river to Soho and spread into the Lower East Side and Hell's Kitchen. The latter two are courtesy of developer Kaish & Taub, who are selling separately-deeded rooftop spaces at 154 Attorney Street (right) and its sister building, 517 West 46th Street. So who wants to pay up to $80,000 for a chunk of rooftop on Attorney Street or 10th Avenue? The Post spoke to Evan Cohen, who shelled out $50,000 for his 154 Attorney cubby (and $845,000 for his 1BR apartment in the building):

"I'm absolutely happy," says Cohen. "Nobody who owns a cabana here says, 'Why did I do it?' Everybody is enjoying having their own space up there." Cohen shrugs off the high price, saying, "I hope this is a good investment."

Cohen then started breathing rapidly into a brown paper bag.
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