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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Ask Curbed: My Condo's Pool is Too Noisy (54 Comments)
"Honestly if the building is so poorly constructed that you can hear the pump from multiple floors away, I'd probably be more concerned that the pool itself would end up in my apartment."
2) Introducing Curbed's New Comments System (51 Comments)
"i know i posted in some articles on lic over a dozen times posing as different people just to bash buildings, pump developments, and make things get heated, and created falsehoods, this was all allowed and i really stopped using curbed after that. this will help or at least make it more difficult to do, i like that."
3) Battery Park City Sequel: So Crazy it Might Work (40 Comments)
"That area across from the possible development site has a lot of ugly buildings particularly that horrible superblock of borough of Manhattan community college with the attached incredibly ugly residential towers. The BPC north idea has a slim chance of happening, but it still has a chance."
4) The Dr. Boom Building Goes Modern (35 Comments)
"It resembles a transformer. Maybe it will transform into a better looking building."