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Weekend Open House Tour: Gramurray Starter Homes

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Has the starter studio really vanished? Yeah, kinda. We set out to look for studio open houses this weekend in and around the neighborhood where so many youngsters have started their New York lives: Murray Hill. Woo boy, the prices shot up in a hurry. The good news about the following listings: they're all super close to one another, leaving you fresh for a nice Sunday afternoon in the park or some crap like that.

Location: 330 Third Avenue btwn 24th/25th
Size: 600sf co-op
Price: $382,500 ($859 maint.)
Pitch: "MOTIVATED SELLER! This great GRAMERCY LOFT-LIKE HOME is better than renting- Love QUIET AND SERENITY?"
Open House: Sunday, 1-3pm

Location: 305 East 24th Street btwn First/Second
Size: 600sf co-op
Price: $475,000 ($701 maint.)
Pitch: "Steps to New York Hospitals."
Open House: Sunday, 1-3pm

Location: 245 East 24th Street btwn Second/Third
Size: sf N/A/; co-op
Price: $495,000 ($552 maint.)
Pitch: "The shower has an ingenious anti-scalding feature for pure comfort - set your perfect water temperature and the shower will automatically adjust to it every time you bathe!"
Open House: Sunday, 1-2:30pm

Location: 242 East 25th Street btwn Second/Third
Size: 525sf condop
Price: $575,000 ($831 maint.)
Pitch: "WHAT ELSE CAN YOU ASK FOR?! Did I mention this is a Condop!"
Open House: 12:30-2pm