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Karl Fischer #1: 64 Bayard Street Gets Going

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[Rendering courtesy of Karl Fischer Architect]

Work has gotten underway at 64 Bayard Street, which is the block on the east side of McCarren Park that is home to the Aqua Condo and is immediately south of Karl Fischer Row. 64 Bayard will consist of two seven-story buildings with 54 apartments and a level of underground parking. The working name of the building is Bayard House, although given what happens to Brooklyn condo names, it's not likely to stay that way. Original building plans were disapproved in 2005 and the name of the GreenbergFarrow (which designed One Ten 3rd and the North8 Condo) shows up on some DOB records, but this is the rendering up on the ubiquitous Mr. Fischer's website. We like how the rendering incorporates the tagged-up facades 64 Bayard's neighbors.
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64 Bayard Street

64 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY